Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The (HP) Envy Of All The Other Kids?

If you're looking for a wow-them-in-the-boardroom small business laptop, something comparable to an Apple MacBook Pro without the premium price tag and unfamiliar interface, check out Hewlett-Packard's Envy 14. I just reviewed it for Small Business Computing.

It's a sweet-looking notebook that packs a lot of power. The one I reviewed - with an Intel i5 processor and fabulous upgraded LED screen - sells for well over $1,000, but it's still substantially less expensive than a MacBook Pro 13 with comparable features, and less expensive still than a MacBook Pro 15.

I wasn't crazy about the ergonomics - keyboard or touchpad - but most users probably aren't as fussy as I am, and even I could probably adjust with time. If you've thought of making the switch to Mac for a MacBook Pro but just can't bring yourself to do it, this might be the solution.

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